Village marks 1,000 parcels

A VILLAGE has marked sending out more than 1,000 boxes of food and other items to soldiers in Afghanistan.

For five years the village shop in Braunston has acted as a collection point for people to donate various items which are then parcelled up and sent out to British troops serving in the country.

Val Worrall, who leads the scheme, said: “It seems such a long time from when we first started sending parcels out to our troops serving in Afghanistan but we are still doing it.

“The reason, I think, is because all of those involved, whether they be those at the shop and post office or those who actually donate the ‘goodies’, feel that they are doing something positive in support of our troops.

“The generosity of the people who give is quite staggering.”

Items donated and sent out include basics like toiletries and wet wipes, to more enjoyable items such as sweets, crisps, cakes and magazines.

Also received by the unit were more than 300 hats to keep the soldiers’ heads warm under their helmets. They were knitted and donated by members of Braunston and Barby WI groups.

Mrs Worrall said: “When we receive thank you letters from the troops receiving our parcels every single letter thanks us for the parcels and their contents.

“But, more importantly, every letter thanks us for the support we are continuing to show them.

“That is what makes it so very special, significant and worthwhile.