Village is a bright place thanks to WI

AN ANNIVERSARY surprise by a village WI has finally come to fruition after five months.

President Diana Humphreys said: “Kilsby WI has in the past marked its significant anniversaries by doing something for the benefit of the wider community.

“So to celebrate our 90th anniversary last October we were looking for a way to achieve this.

“There was an abandoned patch of very compacted bare soil left after the installation of a pedestrian crossing last summer which was a complete eyesore.

“So we asked the parish council if we may tackle the problem and then spent quite a few hours last autumn getting to grips with the job we had set ourselves.

“Over the last couple of months we have watched with pleasure the growth of the grass and the flowering of the 2,000 bulbs we planted – our little surprise for everybody finally evident in the lovely splash of colour.

“We do hope that many people enjoyed the display.”