Video of Northampton’s ‘Amarillo Man’ is an internet hit

A video of a mystery man driving around Northampton town centre playing ‘Is this the Way to Amarillo’ at full blast out of his car window has ‘gone viral’.

The unknown driver, known only as ‘Amarillo Man’, is a familiar sight in the town, as he drives around in his blue Corsa most days with the 1971 Tony Christie hit playing on a loop.

In the 15 hours after the Chron posted a 30 second clip of him on Facebook on Thursday, more than 55,000 people watched it.

Many said they had spotted Amarillo Man numerous times over the past 18 months and wondered who he was.

One reader said: “He brightens up my day when he drives past!”

Another added: “It cheers the town up, long may he carry on!”

A member of staff at Northampton General Hospital, which is on the mystery driver’s regular route, also added: “We hear him nearly every day!”

Although the identity of the driver is still unknown, residents have said he is regularly seen around Northampton town centre as well as in the Abington and St James areas.

He has also been spotted driving around a number of supermarket and garden centre car parks with his trademark song playing.