VIDEO: David Brickwood’s son: ‘his murderer will probably kill again’

The family of David Brickwood have urged anyone who knows his killer to give them up, to prevent another murder.

Dale, Nathan and Garry Brickwood
Dale, Nathan and Garry Brickwood

As friends and relatives prepare for their fourth vigil near Mr Brickwood’s home in Lindsay Avenue, his sons - Nathan, Dale and Gary - said they are concerned the murderer could kill someone else.

Nathan said: “It’s too late for our dad but this person is probably going to do this again.

“So if you know the person, you need to give them up because what if they do it to your parents next?

“Don’t let it be too late for someone else’s family, for them to have to go through what we’re going through.”

The family said that Mr Brickwood’s street and house are so well-lit that they cannot believe there are no witnesses.

Gary said: “The thing is don’t be scared, don’t be scared to come forward.

“Get these people off the street - they don’t belong in our society.

“Somebody knows something. Please, just pick up the phone, even anonymously. Please give us some kind of closure.

“We can’t move on. Our father was a great man and didn’t deserve this.”

Dale added: “Any information, no matter how small, might just be the bit we need to bring these people to justice.”

Northamptonshire Police are now looking for two Ford Focuses that were driving close together around the time of Mr Brickwood’s murder.

Dale said “If anyone knows who these people are, if you were a passenger, please come forward to the police so they can eliminate you from their enquiries, and so we can find out who has done this to our dad please.”

The three brothers revealed the impact that the murder - which happened in the early hours of Satuday, September 26 - has had on the wider family.

Dale said “As a family, it’s destroyed us. When he was murdered, we were too.

“My two young boys since the death of their granddad have been absolutely in pieces. Dad meant the world to them and they were absolutely devastated.”

And Gary added: “You try and protect your kids but they want to know what’s going on.

“You can’t explain everything to them; all you say to your children is Pappy’s not here, he’s gone to heaven now.”