VIDEO: Daventry district pensioner looks forward to warm winter after home repairs

Care and Repair caseworker Lindsay York with homeowner Lorna Tracey
Care and Repair caseworker Lindsay York with homeowner Lorna Tracey

A pensioner is looking forward to a warm and cosy winter after receiving thousands of pounds worth of grants to make essential repairs to her home.

Over the last few years Lorna Tracey has been able to install new windows and guttering, fix damp problems and repair a leaky roof on her cottage in Yelvertoft – all with the help of Home Repairs Assistance (HRA) grants.

The grant provides up to £5,000 to fund work including the replacement or repair of central heating boilers and radiators, new security measures, replacement windows and doors, roof repairs and more.

It is available to all homeowners aged 18 and over who receive a qualifying means-tested benefit.

For work exceeding £5,000, eligible homeowners can also access a further £5,000 in the form of an interest-free loan, repayable only when the property is sold.

Mrs Tracey was able to secure the grants and loan with the help of Care and Repair Daventry District.

Based at Daventry District Council, the service offers practical advice and guidance to people who need repairs or adaptations so they can carry on living in comfort and security in their own homes.

“It is so easy,” said Mrs Tracey.

“You phone Care and Repair and one of their caseworkers visits you to identify the work that might be needed and to check whether you are eligible, then they call back to say if you’ve got the grant.

“Once the grant is in place all the hard work is done for you – Care and Repair arrange for tradesmen to visit your home and give quotes for the work. You don’t have all the hassle of finding people to come out and give quotes, somebody’s taking all that away from you so you don’t have to worry about it.

“It’s nice to know you’ve got something to fall back on if you’re only on a limited income and you struggle to afford big repairs. This winter’s supposed to be nasty but I’m all warm and dry and snug – and thank heavens for Care and Repair!”

Councillor Mike Warren, Daventry District Council’s housing and health portfolio holder, said: “Home repairs can be expensive but the Home Repairs Assistance grants are specifically designed to help people who are on a limited income carry out essential work on their homes.

“When you take into account the £5,000 interest-free loan that is also available, homeowners of limited means can access up to £10,000 to make those essential repairs that they might otherwise not be able to afford.

“I would urge people to contact Care and Repair to find out if they are eligible.”

For more information phone Care and Repair Daventry District on 01327 871100, visit or email