Victory for HS2 campaigners

Campaigners against the controversial HS2 rail line project have claimed a victory.

The HS2 Hybrid Bill Committee has ruled that they will hear the petitions against the bill from Stop HS2 and HS2 Action Alliance, after solicitors acting for the Government had argued that the groups did not have the right to be heard, saying they did not represent anyone affected by HS2. HS2 is a high speed rail link between London and Birmingham and passes near Aston le Walls, Boddington and Chipping Warden.

Following the allegation that Stop HS2 did not represent anyone affected by HS2, the organisation asked members and supporters to send in letters of support, saying that they did think that Stop HS2 represents them.

In just a couple of days, 237 such letters from individuals, action groups, residents 
associations, councils and other organisations affected by HS2.

Stop HS2 campaigner Joe Rukin said: “Make no mistake, the attempt to silence us was political gamesmanship without credibility, and we are ecstatic that the committee will now hear the arguments which thousands affected by HS2 want us to make on their behalf.”