Very wacky racers

There was plenty of fun for visitors to the Welton Soap Box Derby at the weekend.

The event, which made a comeback after 13 years, was part of the village’s fete held on Saturday.

Welton Soapbox Derby

Welton Soapbox Derby

The soapbox derby attracted 29 carts registered on the day, with 52 drivers taking part doing a total of 82 runs.

The overall fastest speed was from Cummins Diesel at 31mph, who also took the fastest run in the 16-65 category with a time of 36.4 seconds.

In the age 12-15 category, The Transformers got the fastest time with 40.2 seconds while Shark Attack, coming in at 42.1 seconds, was the fastest in the age eight-11 category.

The award for creativity was given to Barry Hickman and Simon Creasey for their Men Behaving Badly cart. One of the organisers, Chris Barlow, said: “It went absolutely fantastically.

“We had a lot of support from people who gave their time up to help with the event. A big thank you to everyone who helped out.

“The Men Behaving Badly car attracted a lot of attention on the day. It was very clever the way it worked.”