Vandalism hits a village park

A newly opened village park has been targeted by vandals who daubed racist grafitti on a shed and then spray- painted a lamb.

Cotton End Park in Long Buckby was only officially opened on Monday, May 27 but on Sunday, June 9 it was struck by vandalism.

The park has a flock of tame, hand-reared lambs, and on the Sunday night someone went to the park and sprayed racist graffiti on the sheep shed.

They then caught one of the young sheep, sprayed it purple, and then urinated on it.

Nick Hudson, vice chairman of the Cotton End Park committee, urged the perpretrators to come forward saying: “If you know who committed this wanton act of animal cruelty I urge you to report the matter to either their parents, the Cotton End Park committee or to the police.

“If you are one of the people who did this I would ask you to come forward and own up and spend some time helping at the park to make restitution. By doing this, you wouldn’t have to spend the rest of your life having to hide from the shame of cowardly torturing a baby animal.”