Urgent calls for action on Middlemore estate

A SPATE of anti-social behaviour on a town estate has led to urgent calls for action.

Daventry district councillor Chris Long has received more than a dozen letters from people living on Middlemore Farm in the past few weeks.

The letters are calling for an immediate crackdown on vandalism, graffiti, swearing and littering.

Residents say that large groups of youngsters are also congregating around the estate’s shop and on the upper and lower vales, scaring those who pass by.

One neighbour, who doesn’t want to be named for fear of being targeted, said: “This is becoming very intimidating for many people living here and is completely antisocial.

“It makes the estate look a mess and can be scary for people. The shopkeepers do sometimes tell the groups to move on but they don’t always listen. It’s very disconcerting.”

Cllr Long, who covers the Abbey North ward in the town, is now looking at what can be done to clampdown on the problem.

He said: “The older people, and single mums in particular, are too intimidated to go in the shop because of the unpleasant atmosphere on what should be a nice estate.

“Twelve or more people have got in touch with me about this over the past couple of weeks.

“The vale area is also a problem. People have been drinking in the night and the following morning there is glass and rubbish all over it. It’s meant to be a children’s play area which makes it even worse.

“More definitely needs to be done and I am now looking into what the Daventry District and South Northants Safer Stronger Partnership can do to tackle the problems.

“There needs to be a long term solution, not just police walking past every now and again.

“People are fearful that if they disclose who they are they’ll get eggs and tomatoes thrown at their door. There’s a real sense of fear.”

Northamptonshire Police is also currently looking into the problems.