Upset over library cut

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VILLAGERS have said there could be a loss of community spirit if proposed mobile library cuts go ahead.

The service run by Northamptonshire County Council (NCC), is set to reduce the number of vans from four to two which would impact on the number of stops made in villages.

The chairman of Kilsby Parish Council, whose village could have just one stop rather than five under the plans, has said it could have a big impact.

Reg Dunn said: “It will only be coming to Stephenson Court under the plans, and that will leave people on the other side of the village not able to use it.

“Our suggestion was for half an hour in one place and half an hour the other side of the village.

“I think it would just destroy village spirit because it is a really well used service.”

The plan to cut the number of library vans were agreed by NCC back in February following consultation.

No decision has yet been made on where the mobile library stops but more information will be made available later in the year.