‘Upgrade busy road crossing’

A ZEBRA crossing on a main road in Daventry has been described as ‘an accident waiting to happen’ due to speeding vehicles.

At the moment there is a zebra crossing on the Braunston Road between the Royal Oak industrial estate and the Timken estate.

Earlier this year the street lights were relit near the crossing, in the hope that motorists would be better able to see people just about to cross.

But now there are calls for the crossing to be upgraded to a pelican one, with traffic lights for motorists.

Cllr Chris Long said: “While the re-lighting has made pedestrians more obvious, many vehicles continue to travel on this stretch at speeds in excess of the 40mph limit – especially those travelling downhill towards the town centre.

“A driver recently stopped at the crossing to allow a pedestrian to cross, while a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction was unable to stop and continued on, narrowly missing the pedestrian.

“The problem is primarily one of speed enforcement which the local police, probably through a lack of resources, are unable to solve.

“I want to prevent an accident prior to it happening as opposed to having to deal with the consequences following any collision, be it fatal or otherwise.”

County Highways has been contacted about the issue and have been invited out for a site visit.

Further up the A45 Braunston Road there are also calls for street lights to go back on at a bus stop left in darkness.

The stop is in a layby just north of Prospect Way and is used mainly by workers on the nearby industrial estates.

Without proper lighting bus drivers are struggling to see passengers and are having to stop suddenly.