UPDATED: Dog noise complaint at Daventry home where baby girl was killed.

Daventry District Council offices
Daventry District Council offices
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Daventry District Council has today (Monday) said it had previously investigated one complaint relating to dog noise at the town property where a six-month-old baby girl was tragically killed by a pet on Friday night.

Ian Vincent, chief executive of Daventry District Council, has released a statement revealing that DDC received a complaint in May relating to two dogs barking at the property in Morning Star Road.

He said: “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the family following this tragic incident, which has shocked and saddened our local community.

“We are working with Northamptonshire Police to assist their investigation into the circumstances leading up to this tragedy.

“We received one noise complaint in May from a neighbour relating to two dogs barking at the property.

“As with all such complaints, we spoke to the owners of the dogs who acted to control the noise to a reasonable level.

“We have not received any other complaints relating to these dogs.

“We always encourage anyone with concerns about the safety of any dog to report them to us or the police.”

Police were called to Morning Star Road at about 10.30pm on Friday night following reports that a baby, who was in the care of her grandmother, was being attacked by a dog.

The grandmother, from Northampton, was baby sitting at the home of the young victim’s mother, who lives at the address.

Officers and paramedics who attended the incident tried to resuscitate the baby, but she was confirmed dead at Northampton General Hospital.

Following first reports of the tragedy on Saturday Chris Over, a Conservative councillor on DDC, said the death was a “wake-up call” to bring back dog licensing.

He said: “This is shocking. This is a terrible situation - the trauma for the family must be awful and our hearts go out to them.

“It is a wake-up call for people to make certain that when they select a dog it is a breed that has a good reputation and that they are able to control the dog.

“It seems like this dog couldn’t be controlled and restrained by the relative who intervened.

“This tragedy highlights that responsible dog ownership is something we must encourage.

“There have been a number of incidents like this around the country in recent times. It seems to me that there should be some kind of legislation in place.”

The dog that attacked the baby girl was one of two kept in the property.

Northamptonshire Police are today (Monday) carrying out tests on the dog after it was killed at the scene.

A spokesman said: “In terms of the next stage involving the dog which carried out the fatal attack, it will be subject to a forensic post mortem at the Royal Veterinary College.

“It will also be examined by dog legislation officers, including officers from Northamptonshire Police and a national dog legislation officer in order to identify the breed.

“DNA can also be taken from the animal to help determine the breed,”

Northamptonshire Police have said they are still not in a position to name the young victim.

The force’s family liaison officers are working closely with the family who are “absolutely devastated” by what has happened to their baby daughter.

Detective Inspector Stuart Hitchon, leading the investigation into the incident, said: “My officers are working hard to piece together the events that led to the tragic death of a six-month old child.

“We are supporting the family through what is an incredibly harrowing time.

“They have made it very clear to us they do not want to disclose their child’s name at the moment and we must respect their wishes.”