UPDATE: Warnings to parents issued after two children got trapped in sinking mud at Daventry Country Park

A photo taken by Louise Roy just before the incident. The unstable ground is on the left of the image.
A photo taken by Louise Roy just before the incident. The unstable ground is on the left of the image.

Fire fighters and the police had to rescue two children who had become stuck in sinking mud at Daventry Country Park on Saturday.

They were called out to the park at around 1pm after the children were stranded in the mud close to the reservoir.

Their mother Louise Roy said the ground looked safe to walk on, but her children quickly sank. When the children tried to free themselves they ended up sinking further.

She wants to warn other park users of the potential danger.

She said: “I was at the country park by the reservoir having a picnic with my three children, Auntie and cousins when my two eldest children who are six and nine walked out on the new grassy area where the water used to be and sank down deep and became trapped after stepping into a stretch of mud.

“I had to call the fire brigade to come to our rescue when I realised that I couldn’t get near them to pull them out.

“My son who’s the youngest sunk in up to his waist and my daughter up past her knees and neither of them could move and they were both very distressed.

“The emergency services were amazing and responded very fast. Both fire brigade and police turned up together and they worked together and managed to pull both of my children out using ropes and digging in the mud with their hands.

“One of the fire fighters mentioned that it was the second time in one week that this had occurred and yet there was no sign up or tape around the trees warning anyone of the dangers.

“You see a grassy area and just assume its OK to walk on and the mud, apart from looking messy, didn’t seem concerning either. “Once I walked out onto it though being a full grown adult it felt spongy under foot but a child wouldn’t have noticed that.

“I do think the country park should have signs up to warn people of the sinking mud areas as this situation could have been easily avoided saving the time of the emergency services who could have been responding to something more serious.”

Despite being very muddy the children were unharmed and have fully recovered from the incident.

Local response officers PCs Werdekker and Whenmouth attended the incident. They said: “We advise parents and carers to ensure children are fully supervised in all areas of Daventry Country Park.

“During the summer months the water levels in the reservoir have gone down leaving areas of exposed mud which can cause difficulties, as this incident demonstrates.

“Anyone who does get stuck should remain calm and call the emergency services.”