UPDATE: School bus crash on A361

News of a bus crashing on the A361 at around 8.30am this morning has been identified as a minor incident in which a school bus became stuck on a wet grass verge.

The bus, carrying pupils from the Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village, pulled onto the verge to allow cars to pass it when it became stuck and was unable to drive away according to the school’s headteacher David Howell.

Mr Howell said: “We quickly sent members of staff from the school to the site where the pupils were the children were on the embankment out of harms way.

“We then brought them back to the school to get warmed up where most pupils remained but a few went home after being shocked from such an unusual incident.”

As roads are particularly wet and dangerous in the current conditions Mr Howell is advising drivers to be extra cautious on the roads.