UPDATE: More delays to repairing bridge at Daventry Country Park

The aftermath of the fire
The aftermath of the fire

Repairs on the wooden bridge at Daventry Country Park damaged by arson have been delayed until Monday.

The bridge was left unusable after a golf buggy was driven onto it and set alight back on June 18.

Work was supposed to start on the repairs today, Friday. But Daventry District Council has said the contractor has been unavoidably delayed but has given assurances that they will be on site Monday, August 10.

Since the fire then the bridge has remained out of action, cutting the circular path round the park’s reservoir and causing problems for park users.

The reasons given by Daventry District Council for the repairs taking so long to begin are because it was a crime scene they had to wait for the conclusion of the investigation by the Arson Task Force. They also had to get quotes from three contractors to ensure taxpayers got value for money, and the wood for the replacement bridge had to be specially treated and made to order.