University of Northampton lecturer explores impact of ‘things that go bump in the night’

The sounds of the paranormal and how it affects the human mind have been investigated by a lecturer from the University of Northampton.

University of Northampton lecturer and PhD candidate, Cal Cooper, has recently edited his third book on paranormal activity.

Paracoustics: Sound and the Paranormal was published earlier this month and was the idea of Steve Parson, as his PhD explores infrasound and the parapsychological effects it can have on the human mind and body.

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Several years ago he began developing ideas with Cal on a book which would cover a variety of aspects of sound and its relationship to paranormal experiences.

Having taken a couple years to piece together, the book caters for psychology and more so parapsychology students, and is also of wide public interest given the variety of topics within its pages.

The books covers the physics of sound, the psychology of sound, infrasound, noisy ghosts, noisy spirits, a brief history of electronic voice phenomena and the

psychology of it, strange telephone calls, shamanic use of music, deathbed music and an analysis of poltergeist raps.

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Contributions to the book involve noted researchers with expertise in psychology, physics, anthropology, electronics, music, and forensic criminal investigation.”

Cal said: “The book is a useful and in-depth field manual for anyone who is interested in the role of sound in our daily lives, its relationship to paranormal events, the history of such research, and how to set up experiments for yourself.”

The book is available on Amazon in three formats. Cal’s previous books on the topic of parapsychology include Telephone Calls from the Dead and Conversations

with Ghosts.