Unions warn strikes are likely

Firefighters strike, Daventry.
Firefighters strike, Daventry.

Fire Brigades Union bosses have warned that more strikes are likely in the Daventry district if the Government does not budge in a dispute over pensions.

Firefighters went on strike on Friday last week and also on Monday in a row over how safe it is to make firefighters work on the frontline who are aged into their fifties and beyond.

The FBU claimed the strike had gained popular support from the public, “who understood what was at stake”.

Gary Mitchell, FBU secretary for the Northamptonshire area, said: “We hope it’s the last time we strike. I want to make that clear, but we want to negotiate a settlement with the Government.

“If they will not move on this issue, we will carry on doing what we are doing.”

Mr Mitchell said that picketing firefighters had been supported with blasts from car horns and shouts of encouragement from passers-by.