Unemployment down across the board in Daventry district

Latest figures show another drop in unemployment in the Daventry area.

The Department for Work and Pensions and Jobcentre Plus released the details for July this week.

Roger Matthews from Jobcentre Plus said: “Locally in Daventry district it has been a really good couple of months.

“The number of people registering claims dropped by 3.6 per cent. The numbers went from 560 claiming in June to 540 in July.

“Long term unemployed – those claiming for six or more months – went from 115 to 110, a four per cent drop in one month.

“We’ve also seen a decrease in youth unemployment from 120 to 110 between June and July.

“The labour market is buoyant in the area.

“When people first come to us there are daily job clubs for the first four weeks when they get intensive help and support.

“We have employers and agencies on site with jobs, so people can come in and leave with a job rather than make a claim.

“We also have staff who talk to employers and agencies in the area to find jobs suitable for the people coming to us.”