Unaffordable home truths

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DAVENTRY district has been named as one of the region’s least affordable places to buy a house.

The National Housing Federation’s Home Truths 2011 report, released yesterday, places Daventry as the sixth least affordable place in the region, and the second worst in Northamptonshire.

It claims the average home in the Daventry area costs £233,952 – equating to 10.1 times the district’s average income of £23,104.

The report also points out that in 2010 Daventry district had 2,012 households on the housing waiting list in 2010 up from 1,986 the year before.

Daventry’s neighbouring district of South Northamptonshire was named as the least affordable place in the East Midlands.

There the average home costs £255,533, nearly 12 times the average income of £21,486.