UKIP objectives set out at election launch

Michael Gerard in the dark suit  was joined by supporters for the launch.
Michael Gerard in the dark suit was joined by supporters for the launch.

Supporters of UKIP gathered at the Cross Roads Hotel in Weedon on Saturday to mark the launch of the election campaign of its Daventry branch.

The event was attended by several councillors affiliated with the party, as well as branch chairman Peter Conquest and prospective parliamentary Daventry candidate Michael Gerard. Ian Dexter, who made headlines last year with his strategy for winning over Labour voters for the party, was also present.

Mr Gerard said: “It is a privilege to be standing as UKIP’s candidate for Daventry, and for a party that has common sense politics at its heart and allows me to put local interests before party loyalty.

“MPs in every other main party can only ever ‘toe the party line’ yet any elected UKIP MP will be able to vote truly with his constituents’ interests in mind.” Mr Conquest underlined the party’s main policies, which include exiting the European Union, reducing overseas aid and scrapping HS2. He said: “[We] are Britain’s party of hope. Other parties can only offer more cuts, more austerity.

Cllr Adam Collyer added: “It was great to see our campaign get off to such a flying start. Finally the Tories have some real opposition in Daventry!”.

Ian Dexter added: “Michael Gerard makes a strong appeal to all voters – the country desperately needs change and a realistic alternative to the old failed parties.”

Other speakers included Cllr Sean Connors and Northamptonshire South parliamentary candidate, Tim Wilson. Campaigning began in earnest two weeks ago and a second awareness stall is due to be held on Saturday, March 21 in Daventry.

Mr Gerard will be standing for parliament against confirmed candidates Abigail Campbell (Labour), Chris Heaton Harris (Conservative) and Steve Whiffen (Greens).