UKIP candidate stands down in protest at racist remarks

Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson
  • Tim Wilson stands down after comments made by Scottish MEP
  • He also criticised party leader Nigel Farage dismissing the incident as a joke
  • UKIP spokesman said he failed to put the emphasis on local issues

A prospective UKIP candidate to stand on Daventry District Council has resigned from the party.

Tim Wilson, who was also a parliamentary candidate for the South Northamptonshire constituency, has stood down following a row with the party leader Nigel Farage.

I don’t think this is a joke. I think this is something very serious.

Tim Wilson

Mr Wilson stood down after comments made by the party’s only Scottish MEP about a Scottish government minister.

A UKIP spokesman was quoted as saying that he had failed to put more emphasis on local issues in his campaign. Speaking after the story appeared online, Mr Wilson clarified is involvement on a local level.

Mr Wilson said: “I have been speaking with UKIP parliamentary candidate Michael Gerard against the NEP expansion plans of Northampton. He believes any further developments without necessary road developments are a recipe for chaos. The developments in Daventry are badly in need of proper community facilities. The promise of a local school remains a promise only.

“As a former teacher, he has been in touch with a number of local schools and want to single out Andrew Mackereth for the way he has in a short period of time shown that the Parker E-ACT Academy has a strong future.

“If we get our schools right, from nursery to undergradate level, we are investing in the next generation and if we get it wrong, we are inviting disaster.”

He also stated that the development of HS2 which will go through the villages of Boddington, Chipping Warden and Aston le Walls if built, was a major reason for him putting himself up for election.

Mr Wilson added: “HS2 will cover our land like a blanket of vomit, and people have been retching over this project for years now. We need to admit defeat, save the money for something useful and stop this in its tracks. It is not just the houses on the route that are affected. Should construction begin, our local roads will be clogged up for years.”

He also confirmed that he was considering standing as an independent councillor in Daventry,

Mr Wilson said: “I am keen to promote a revived professional park scheme. I have made a film which is already on Youtube and shows the appalling condition of our green spaces, which should be a source of pride and which are not.

“Near Ashny fields, there is a former garden with screws sticking out of the ground, and a play area with tarmac lifting. This is not simply indecorous. It is dangerous and this is what we have been paying contractors to manage. Quite simply, we need to have our own workforce who will take responsibility to do the job properly. We need to give dignity back to Daventry.

His resignation comes after David Coburn MEP compared Humza Yousaf to convicted terrorist Abu Hamza. Mr Coburn has since apologised for the remarks calling them a joke.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said Mr Coburn’s remarks were a “joke in poor taste” but he would not be taking any action against him.

But this has led to Mr Wilson’s decision to stand down saying he was disillusioned with the party over the “racist jibes”.

Mr Wilson he was appalled by Mr Coburn’s comments about Mr Yousaf and frustrated by the inaction of the party’s leadership on the issue.

Mr Wilson said: “If Mr Coburn wants to make bad jokes about religion, then he is welcome to quit and join Monty Python.

“And if Mr Farrage cannot recognise that a politician holds a position of trust and that what is said is held to be of importance then Mr Farrage is also in the wrong job.”

It He told BBC Scotland earlier in the day that David Coburn had produced “what I can only describe as an Islamaphobic insult, and that’s simply not acceptable”.

Mr Wilson added: “Of course he went on and apologised. I think, frankly, that if you are in a position of power you have to be able to control what ideas emerge from your head and how they get to your mouth and, in fact, you shouldn’t have those ideas in the first place.

“But the real issue is that when Mr Farage was asked what he thought about this he dismissed this as a joke.

“I don’t think this is a joke. I think this is something very serious. It may not be that this man intended to cause offence but we aren’t interested in what his intentions are. We are interested in the effect what he says has on other people and the effect is catastrophic, it’s appalling and I’ve resigned.”

In his resignation letter, Mr Wilson said he had been “systematically gagged by the party whip” and forbidden to speak about Islam favourably.

A spokesman for UKIP was quoted as saying that Mr Wilson had failed to put more emphasis on local issues in his campaign.

He said: “Whilst we had initially been optimistic about Tim Wilson’s abilities as a candidate, it became obvious in recent weeks that he was out of his depth in representing our party in the way we would expect.

“Mr Wilson had clearly misunderstood the expectations that UKIP place on all of its candidates. Principal amongst those is focusing on issues that are relevant to local voters. UKIP put huge emphasis on local issues and Mr Wilson was unwilling to follow UKIP guidelines in this respect.