UKIP candidate for county police commissioner

Nigel Farage leader of the UK Independence party has announced that Jim MacArthur, a resident of Flore, has been selected to stand as the party’s candidate in the election for Northamptonshire’s first police and crime commissioner.

UKIP says Mr MacArthur has been involved in policing in a number of roles. He has held commissioned ranks in both the RAF and Army and served for three years in the Special Air Service.

For more than 25 years he was a senior executive within two major UK companies.

Until he resigned last week in order to stand in the election for the PCC post, he was a Special Constable with Northamptonshire Police attached to Daventry Station.

Mr MacArthur said: “Our county force a large organisation and policing is a complex business.

“The new commissioner will have many varied problems to resolve. I do not believe that someone without police and senior management experience in similar sized organisations will be able to successfully rise to the many challenges which lie ahead.”

Lee Barron is Labour’s candidate for the role. Paul Varnsverry has been selected by the Liberal Democrats. Adam Simmonds has been put forward by the Conservatives. And John Norrie is standing as an independent.

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