U-turn welcomed by headteachers

Schools in the Daventry area have welcomed a Government u-turn over controversial plans to scrap and replace GCSE exams.

The education secretary Michael Gove announced he was abandoning his proposed English Baccalaureate Certificates as a replacement for GCSEs.

The latter will now be retained with schools relieved to hear this week the proposal had been scrapped.

Headteacher of Campion School in Bugbrooke Bob Clayton said: “I am very happy that GCSEs are being retained. I think Mr Gove’s plans were harking back to a golden age of education which simply didn’t exist.

“These exams were taking us back to the period of grammar schools.”

Headteachers in Daventry were also pleased to hear the plans had been dropped.

The principal of the Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village David Howell said: “I think all of this talk has been very unhelpful, especially when we have got young people currently sitting exams which are currently been replaced.”

The vice-principal of the Parker E-ACT Academy Nicola Horsfield said: “When the pupils are going out into the working world, they will work on a project over a few weeks and it will be tweaked until it is perfect.

“You are never told in the working world that you have three hours to complete a project. We do welcome this u-turn.”