U-turn over changes to planning

PROPOSALS to change the way neighbours are told about planning applications have been dropped after public feedback.

Daventry District Council had suggested stopping writing to neighbours of sites where planning applications had been made and instead relying only on site notices posted on things like lamp posts.

It had also proposed not to provide parish councils with paper copies of applications.

The changes would have saved around £5,000 a year.

However, on Thursday last week the council heard the changes could put some residents at a disadvantage.

Councillors were told that not writing to neighbours could put people who cannot easily get out from their homes at a disadvantage, and that those who cannot use, or do not have, a computer could also be hit by the changes.

The meeting was told that after an extended public consultation it was clear the changes would not work.

Taking the public reaction and comments into account, the council agreed to drop the idea and retain the current system. The members also agreed to continue providing paper copies of application to parish councils if they requested them.

Money to pay for it will come from the increased council tax on second homes.