Two-year delay for estate’s new school

General view of the Monksmoor Park development on Welton Lane NNL-140408-165725009
General view of the Monksmoor Park development on Welton Lane NNL-140408-165725009

Daventry District Council (DDC) has revealed there are likely to be delays on opening the primary school on the new Monksmoor estate.

It came after DDC published an agenda of its strategy group to be held tonight (Thursday).

In a report entitled the capital and revenue budget and medium term financial plan, the council says the school’s opening could be delayed by two years.

The report written by the council’s chief financial officer, Audra Statham, says: “Dialogue with the developer indicates that due to its development programme and consequent site availability, there is likely to be a delay in opening the school from 2016 to 2018.

“While work could proceed on studies and design, it is proposed to defer the bulk of expenditure by one year until more details are available on the timing and availability of the school site.

“Officers will continue to work towards securing earlier access.”

The Monksmoor estate will be built in five separate phases and one of these phases will see the primary school built.

The new estate will eventually have 1,000 homes when finished and a 1.5-form entry primary school. There will also be a small local centre with a community building, retail units and office space, new children’s play areas, range of public open spaces and an extension to Daventry Country Park and reservoir. No timescale has yet been put on when the estate will be finished.

Other items to be discussed by the council’s strategy include the disposal of certain sites in the town centre to boost the redevelopment of Daventry.

The group will also be asked for its views on using site eight east at Middlemore for more houses where the council will rent them out at private rates. It follows on from a similar scheme which was set up on site 10 of the estate. It will also be asked to allocate up to £70,000 to fight planning appeals.

DDC’s planning committee turned down a proposal for 121 homes in Weedon and 99 homes in Kilsby.

The money is designed to give the council a robust defence to fight the appeal by the developers.

The strategy group will be held at DDC’s offices in Lodge Road, Daventry, starting at 6.15pm.