Tributes to man who ran Daventry business for more than 30 years

Ian Doyle, with his grandsons Noah and Jacob.
Ian Doyle, with his grandsons Noah and Jacob.

Ian Doyle, who ran a carpet shop in Foundry Court for more than 30 years, died suddenly on Sunday at the age of 67.

He leaves behind his two daughters, Sarah Gardner, 40, Rachel Arnison, 39, and his brother Robert Doyle, 60. Ian’s partner Gloria passed away in 2011.

The eldest of three brothers, Ian was born in Coventry in 1947 and attended St Matthews School in Rugby, where he lived for much of his life.

A carpet fitter by trade, Ian initially apprenticed at Sam Robbins retail outlet in Rugby and later worked on the production line at Peugeot’s Ryton factory near Coventry.

In 1984, Ian spotted a gap in the market and partnered up with Trevor and Gloria Schoales to open Schoales & Doyle Carpets and Curtains in Daventry, where he worked until he fell ill.

But Rachel, who has two sons, Noah, nine, and Jacob, seven, said that while Ian was dedicated to his job, he always made time for his family.

She said: “He was caring and giving, he always put other people first.

“He was also very fond of Gloria’s children. They always had a lot of time for him and he had a lot of time for them.”

Ian was keenly interested in sport, and was known for avidly following the cricket on the radio in his shop. He even attended cricket matches whilst on holiday in Barbados. Ian was also a staunch Manchester United fan.

Rachel said: “I remember he used to sometimes take me to matches in Coventry on Boxing Day.

“He also liked a little flutter with the horses. He would sit there with the paper and go through all his winning bets.”

Ian was a keen gardener, and was particularly proud the ‘orchard’ in his back garden.

“He had six fruit trees in his back garden, but I remember him joking that anything more than three was an orchard,” Rachel said.

“He liked to keep his garden looking nice and maintained it well. He was more of a shrub than a flower person.”