Tribute appeal after man’s sudden death

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THE family of a young Daventry man who died suddenly have launched a charity appeal in his memory.

Benjamin Foulds, 20, died in his sleep at his home on Daventry’s Headlands estate on Tuesday last week.

Now his family are asking for donations to Spinal Research in his memory.

His father Andrew Foulds said: “Ben had a serious cycling accident when he was 18 which left him with some bad injuries. He lost control of his bicycle on a hill riding back from college. He hit some railings, which then gave way, and he fell over the end of the road and down.

“He was in hospital for about six months but he recovered from most of his injuries, including a brain injury, but was left completely paraplegic with no sensation in his legs.

“Ben moved to Daventry a year ago and had his own flat which had just been adapted to his needs.

“He was going to college in Banbury, studying art and graphic design, to finish off his education. He was getting his life back together.

“Ben was very independent and didn’t let what had happened to him hold him back or get him down.

“He hadn’t been ill and seemed okay before he died.

“But on Tuesday last week I went over to his flat in the afternoon to feed his cat, and found him dead in his bed. His alarm hadn’t woken him and his taxi to college had rung his doorbell and not got a response.

“It looks like Ben had never woken up.”

The cause of Ben’s death remains unknown after inconclusive post mortem results.

Mr Foulds said: “Ben was a member of the Spinal Injuries Association which is like a support and social group. He was also really interested in research into spinal injuries as well – Ben was always hoping that one day there would be a some kind of cure.

“He had been looking to do some sort of fundraising for those with spinal injuries, so as a family we decided Ben would have approved of this.

“After Ben’s accident a get well soon group created on Facebook ended up with 800 people on, so we put a link on there too.

“Now Ben’s sister Emma has set up a Just Giving page in his memory where people can donate.”

The tribute page to Ben can be found at