Travellers leave Daventry ahead of court deadline

The Eastern Way playing field
The Eastern Way playing field

The travellers who parked up on Daventry’s Eastern Way playing field left the town before a court deadline.

The group, with 30 or more vehicles, had parked on the playing field near the town centre after arriving from Crick.

Police and Daventry District Council had asked the group to leave the site after the incidents of violence and disorder in Daventry on Tuesday evening last week committed police said by some members of the group.

It is understood they were intending on returning to the London area.

Councillor Mike Warren, Daventry District Council’s Housing and Environmental Health Portfolio Holder, said: “We have worked closely with the County Travellers Unit and local police over the past week to remove this unauthorised encampment as soon as possible.

“Having initially issued the travellers with a notice last Wednesday (17 August) to leave the site by the following morning, a number of vehicles and motorhomes remained, so on Friday (19th) we were granted an injunction by the court to enforce their eviction on Monday morning.

“The travellers left on Sunday evening and we have since made arrangements to clean and re-secure the site.”