Traveller group in Daventry ignore county council’s leave notice

Eastern Way playing field
Eastern Way playing field

The travellers who set up camp on a Daventry site have failed to comply with the leave notice they were issued with says the county council.

The group, which has set up an unauthorised encampment on Eastern Way playing field, was issued with a Direction to Leave notice instructing them to move on by 10am this morning (May 11).

Having failed to comply with Northamptonshire County Council’s order, they look set to be handed an eviction order next week.

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said on behalf of the Countywide Traveller Unit: “The site has been visited by the Countywide Traveller Unit and a notice was issued instructing them to move on by 10am this morning.

“This has not happened, and so we will be in court on Monday to seek an eviction order.”

The group initially gained unauthorised access to The Hollows on Wednesday, May 3 but after being served notice to leave moved to Eastern Way on Tuesday, May 9.

Their entry to Eastern Way was also unauthorised and members of the public have reported that litter and broken glass were left behind by the group on The Hollows.

A clean-up at The Hollows is being organised and there are plans in place to clean-up Eastern Way, if necessary, once the travellers have left.