Work begins to tackle danger on Daventry Road

Work began on Monday to make safe a dangerous stretch of road in Daventry.

Parking bays are being painted along Thames Road, Tyne Road and Badby Road West, around the Grange Estate, in order to narrow the main part of the road.

It is hoped the measures will slow traffic down on the road, which has seen several severe crashes one of which killed a father of two on his 11th wedding anniversary in September 2012.

On behalf of concerned residents cllr Chris Long campaigned for a review of the roads which saw planned changes drawn up and funded by the Northamptonshire County Council’s road safety department.

It was thought the previous three-lane width of the road could have been one reason drivers speed along the stretch.

Now work has begun to reduce the current three lanes down to two by marking out parking bays on Tyne Road and Thames Road which lead to Badby Road West. Road markings are also to be extended where other roads join Thames and Tyne, making the give way line join the central edge of the parking bays and reducing the width of the road.

A new one-metre-wide central hatched white line (chevroned area) is also being introduced to separate the two lanes of traffic.