Traffic wardens to patrol the streets

A city council civil enforcement officer issues a parking ticket in Priestgate.
A city council civil enforcement officer issues a parking ticket in Priestgate.

Parking wardens will be hitting the streets of the district for the first time today.

Northamptonshire County Council has taken over the responsibility for on-street and off-street parking enforcement in Daventry district.

Soon, any motorist who flouts parking restrictions will receive a penalty charge notice. But during the first weeks to get people used to the changes drivers will receive advice leaflets and dummy fines, before the real ones are imposed on June 17.

A spokesman for the county council said: “Enforcement is important for both safety and traffic congestion reasons. It helps keep traffic moving, reduces dangerous and anti-social parking, and improves access for emergency vehicles and public transport.

“While the majority of drivers use car parks and parking areas in a sensible and considerate manner, those vehicles which are incorrectly parked are not only dangerous but cause delays and frustration to other road users.”

Areas likely to be hit will be Daventry town centre, along with village centres where parking, particularly near shops, can be at a premium.Yellow lines, waiting times, loading bays and disabled spaces will all be enforced.

DDC leader Chris Millar said: “The key thing for us as an authority to do is to make sure there is a flow of vehicles, with shoppers and workers, into the town centre. We need to make sure parking bays are available and that people don’t abuse them by overstaying.

“Daventry is lucky – we have free car parks. That’s a real draw for the town, and really it means that no one should be parking on the roads and causing obstructions or staying beyond the time limits.”