Pothole strategy ‘is working’

AN overhaul of the way potholes are repaired in Northamptonshire has brought ‘overwhelming improvements’ since it was launched claims the cash-strapped authority.

In April 2010, County Hall said rather than dealing with the worst potholes first, decisions were based on long-term costs and benefits with proper repairs preferred to quick fixes.

Three years on, a report before the county council’s cabinet shows the condition of some areas of the road network has improved dramatically. According to figures, 97 per cent of all permanent or semi-permanent repairs were carried out in the year to April 2012, compared with 90 per cent in the first year of the scheme and just 45 per cent in the period before the new programme, leading to less 
repeat repairs.

The report says that 880 insurance claims in the 12 months leading up to the switch and 465 in 2010/11 – a 47 per cent drop – followed by a further 53 per cent fall in 2011-12, to 217

In 2009/10, the county council treated 138,000 square metres of road, a figure that leapt by 46 per cent the following year and by a further 24 per cent in 2011/12.