Plans to improve dangerous road in Daventry

Drivers could soon face a gauntlet of traffic calming measures on one of Daventry’s main roads.

MGWSP, Northamptonshire County Council’s highways contractor, has drawn up the proposals for Ashby Road, 
after research showed half of the vehicles were speeding.

The proposals, estimated to cost around £200,000, would see major changes to the road to force vehicles to slow down and encourage drivers to take alternative routes. Plans include mini-roundabouts, vehicle activated signs and chicanes or ‘give way to on-coming vehicle’ spots.

Cllr Chris Long used to represent the area on Northamptonshire County Council and has been pushing for action for years even when the highways department initially said the road was not plagued by speeding or high volumes of traffic.

Despite losing his NCC seat in May’s elections he has kept up the pressure on the county council.

He said: “I have come a long way with this project since, on behalf of residents, I refused to accept the statement from the local authorities that Ashby Road did not have a speed and safety problem.

“I really hope that county highways are true to their word and implement these proposals.”

Some preliminary work has already taken place to try and improve the road, including ‘local access only’ signs to try and dissuade HGV drivers from using it.

Also now in place are temporary 20mph limits outside the schools during drop-off and pick-up times.

The recommendations by MGWSP will now go to the cash-strapped county council which would have to find the money for the works.