Nine year old campaigner set to become youngest person to appear in Parliament.

Today nine year old Alex Rukin is set to become the youngest person to appear in an official capacity in Parliament, when he petitions the HS2 Hybrid Bill Committee of MPs at 2pm.

The session will be broadcast live at: and Alex is the first petitioner of the session.

In his petition, Alexander states that he thinks HS2 is a ‘stupid’ idea which shouldn’t be allowed to happen, and that he does not understand is why HS2 Ltd is being funded when his school keeps having to ask parents to donate money.

His petition states:“Your petitioner is worried that HS2 will cost lots more than the people are saying. If HS2 costs more money and not enough people use it, your petitioner, like his classmates, will be the one paying for it in extra tax. Your petitioner thinks it is unfair that he and his friends will have to pay more money forever for something they think isn’t needed and they won’t have enough money to be able to use it.”

In line with the video he made, Alexander is also concerned about the fact HS2 will be on a viaduct opposite his mothers house, which could affect his sleep, as well as the effects on traffic and rail services, amongst other issues such as how much electricity HS2 would need.

Stop HS2 Campaign Manager Joe Rukin said:“As far as we can tell Alex will become the youngest person to have ever appeared in an official capacity before Parliament! This makes sense to me, as apart from the specific instance of Hybrid Bill committees, I can’t think of any case when someone that young would have the opportunity, apart from maybe Edward VI!!

“After I explained what petitioning was, he said he thought everyone in the whole country should be doing it, because he thinks HS2 is such a bad idea, and the wrong thing to spend lots of money on. He is committed to doing something about something he thinks is wrong, and I’m really proud about that.”