Final lights to come back on

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NINE more areas of Daventry will see street lights turned back on following a final review meeting.

At its third and final scheduled lighting review for Daventry on Monday, Northamptonshire County Council agreed to switch back on some more street lights - but the rest will now remain unlit.

Lights to be switched back on are in Northern Way near to the scout hut turn, the path across the Fishponds onto the Southbrook, the path from Norton Road past Fraser Close, Hemans Road, Coleridge Walk, Spenser Crescent, Cross Street in Drayton, the path from Western Avenue to Warwick Street, and Tamar Square, Tyne Road and Thames Road.

Cllr Alan Hills and Cllr Chris Long went along to the meeting to represent the town.

Following the Daventry Express story last week asking people for their suggestions of lights to turn back on, five submissions were looked at along with 25 raised through Street Doctor and the police.

Cllr Long said: “While this has been a long process I do believe that Cllr Hills and I have managed to achieve significant improvements for the town. We would like to thank residents for engaging with us, and highways officers for acting positively on evidence-based presentations.”

Areas previously reviewed and found to need more lights in Daventry have now all been turned back on by engineers.

Nigel Robinson, from Marston Way on Lang Farm, blames the switch-off for his Yorkshire Terrier Brandy being hit by a car.

He said: “All three nearest to my property have been switched off so it really is pitch black and the only lights are from my house.

“My dog got run over outside my house. The woman driving said she just didn’t see him.”

Northamptonshire County Council has decided to switch off half its current lights to save £2 million.

Across the county there have been 1,595 appeals for a review. Of the 685 processed so far, about a third have been successful.