Fears that traffic could lead to an accident outside Daventry schools

TRAFFIC chaos outside the site of three Daventry schools could lead to a serious accident, residents have warned.

They say parents who clog up streets off Ashby Road near the schools, as well as drivers getting flustered by delays, are a proving a recipe for disaster.

Jane Fryatt, 61, who lives in Mayfield Drive just 100 yards from William Parker School’s gate, said: “Twice every day we have the problem.

“It’s so bad that if you want to go out or come home between 3pm and 3.30pm there’s no point because you won’t be able to get up the road.

“Of course, if there’s a parents’ evening or an event on, the problem can go on for hours.

“It’s the same problem across Ashby Road in Hawthorn Drive. I know people who have tried to get onto their drives being blocked by parents, only to receive a torrent of abuse when they ask them to move. Lots of drivers get frustrated and as soon as there’s a gap they speed off.

“There are no longer lollipop ladies and there are lots of children crossing the main road.

“We have had two accidents in the last couple of years with children being hit by cars. Thankfully they’ve not been serious, but there could be a serious one if nothing’s done.”

Her neighbour Patricia Lee said: “It does cause trouble. We’ve had times when we’re coming home and we can’t drive into the street.”

Roy Sharp said: “It does get really bad on certain days, particularly when the weather’s not so good.”

Gloria Edwards Davidson, who represents the area on Daventry District Council said: “I’ve spoken to several residents about these problems. The trouble is traffic along Ashby Road is only going to get worse in future, with the developments at the bottom of the hill.

“We really need to look at this road and the parking issues for the schools and the new university technical college when it comes in two years as well.”

A spokesman for William Parker School said: “We would encourage parents not to drive their children to school where possible. If they do, our advice is to use the community centre car park.”

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