Engineers to assess ‘dangerous’ junction

Northern Way, Daventry.
Northern Way, Daventry.
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Engineers have been called out to look at a dangerous road junction in Daventry, just a few years after it was rebuilt.

The junction off Welton Road and Northern Way has been raised as potentially dangerous by residents and a councillor.

The junction has been criticised by some since it was redesigned around five years ago. Traffic trying to turn out of Welton Road has to deal with vehicles approaching from both directions at speed, with severely limited views.

Brian Mudge lives off Welton Road. He said: “You get cars coming off the iCon roundabout at speed, and from the other direction. All the fences, barriers and trees limit your view.

“In the mornings you have to quite often take a chance and hope others will brake.”

Councillor Chris Long said: “The volume of traffic using this stretch of Northern Way has increased significantly recently. I agree with residents that this location represents a serious accident waiting to happen. I have approached county highways and have requested an urgent site visit.

“I believe in the short term that at least signs should be erected indicating a hidden junction while other more radical measures are considered.”