Department of Transport approaches council to discuss possible detrunking of A5 in Northamptonshire

Talks to take place this month to change ownership of major road

Monday, 10th May 2021, 5:32 pm
It is hoped that detrunking the A5 would reduce congestion and improve air quality in Towcester

West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) has been invited to discuss the option of the control of the A5 in its area passing from the government to the local authority.

The Department of Transport has contacted WNC with a view to beginning discussions this month for a review of the road.

The talks are due to take place this month and would be to discuss possible changes of ownership of the road which would be the detrunking of all or part of the A5 in Northamptonshire.

Detrunking would pass control of the road from Highways England to the council but this would be just the first initial stage talks of exploring the issues for local roads.

Decisions on whether to make any changes would only be made after more detailed investigation and consultation.

The leader of WNC, councillor Ian McCord has campaigned to improve the lives of the people living and working in the area.

He said: "This is a significant development and I would welcome a discussion with the Department of Transport.

"Detrunking the A5 would reduce congestion and improve air quality in Towcester.

"Hopefully we could stop the trucks going through the town centre with a weight restriction of 7.5 tonnes. There are other issues as well that we would like to address."

The Towcester relief road is currently under construction.

It is hoped it will remove some of the large volumes of traffic that pass through the historic town centre, especially heavy goods vehicles.

The single carriageway, 40mph bypass was given outline planning permission in 2015 as part of a Persimmon Homes site for 2,750 homes to the south of Towcester.