Daventry has the safest streets in country

A report written by the government has revealed that the Daventry district is the safest place for pedestrians in the UK.

Entitled Stepping Out, it has been drawn up by the Parliamentary Advistory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS). and was launched yesterday (Wednesday) to coincide with Road Safety Week.

People in the Daventry district are 60 per cent less likely to be a pedestrian casualty than the national average according to the report.

Speaking about the news, Alan Hills, county councillor for Daventry East, said: “That is good news for the people of Daventry. It is something I agree with. I know we get complaints but they are not as much as other areas.

Cllr Chris Long, district councillor for Abbey North in Daventry, said: “In general, I would welcome the conclusions and would tend to agree with them.

“However there are hot spots in the Daventry district which still require further work and if there were improvements made then the final figures would be even better than they already are.”

He highlighted two areas of the Daventry district which could be made safer.

Cllr Long added: “We have already identified the whole length of Ashby Road as one hotspot and we have seen a number of accidents in that area.

“The other is parents crossing Northern Way from the Middlemore estate in order for parents to get their kids to the schools on Ashby Road.

“If there were solutions introduced then Daventry could be even safer for pedestrians but I cautiously welcome this news.”

The report outlines that safer roads are needed for everyone, not just children with 68 per cent of pedestrian casualties believed to be adults. Friday is the peak day of the week for pedestrians to be involved in accidents.

Commenting on the Stepping Out report, PACTS executive director David Davies says:“We need to design our roads and streets around people, acknowledging the realities of human behaviour.

“All road users have responsibilities but temporary lapses of attention should not be punished by death or serious injury.

“This report provides evidence rather than recommendations that should be considered carefully by all road safety stakeholders.”