Danger road is near to schools

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A councillor has put his weight behind calls to try to slow traffic on one of Daventry’s busiest roads.

The stretch of Ashby Road from the Parker E-ACT Academy (formerly William Parker School) down to the outdoor pool roundabout has been drawn to the attention of Cllr Chris Long.

Local residents approached Cllr Long regarding the speed of traffic on the 30mph road.

Cllr Long said: “At the moment that short stretch has a senior school, infant school, junior school, plus the Phoenix Youth Centre and the community centre coming off it.

“In the near future there will also be the university technical college there as well.

“That is a significant number of young people trying to cross that stretch, plus cars slowing down to turn in and out of entrances, not to mention the residents along there as well.

“I was in the area on Wednesday last week and witnessed two near misses. On one occasion a resident was pulling out from his drive to turn right and a car coming along Ashby Road from the right nearly ran into the side of his vehicle.

“Another time a car was pulling out and a car coming from the left this time also nearly ran into them.

“In both cases the excess speed of the vehicle travelling along Ashby Road was the cause.

“In either of these instances should one of the drivers have felt the need to swerve to avoid a collision and mounted the pavement then serious injury to a pedestrian – adult or child – could have occurred.

“There is a flashing speed sign on the way up the hill, but it’s been there so long I think most people ignore it now. And going down the hill is the one where it is all too easy to build up a lot of speed without even realising sometimes.”

The matter has now been reported to the joint action group comprised of Daventry district and Northamptonshire county councils plus Northamptonshire Police.