Clearing the way for traffic jams?

A general view of Western Avenue in Daventry. NNL-150225-101216001
A general view of Western Avenue in Daventry. NNL-150225-101216001

Changes to rules banning parking on some of Daventry’s key arterial roads could put public safety at risk, according to the town council.

Western Avenue, Braunston Road and London Road all currently have clearway status, banning drivers from parking or stopping at any time. Now Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) propose to scrap this status on sections in the town to save on the cost of installing new illuminated signs.

The clearway on sections of road between Braunston and Daventry and Dodford and the town will remain in force.

Built in the 1930s Western Avenue retains its clearway status from when it was associated with the old A45 Daventry bypass. With the installation of the new bypass in 1976 it was downgraded to a class C road.

But Daventry’s Town Council (DTC) have hit out at the changes.

A DTC spokesman said: “The council’s view is that the road regulations at the moment are fit for purpose and they feel that this proposal is to reduce the need to light this area.

“The council feels it is very important this road remains lit as it is also used by pedestrians to and the work place. In essential areas lighting is key.”

Concerns were also raised by councillors at a meeting on Tuesday that visibility would be impaired by parked cars, particularly on Ochard Way, a popular route for primary school children on their way to school.

The council has also attacked a new Toucan crossing, due to be installed in Northern Way on April 7 lking the new estate off Welton Road to facilities in Wimbourne Place.

The spokesman added: “The council is supportive of any measure to assure safety and to assist pedestrians in crossing busy roads, however they have concerns about putting a crossing near that roundabout because it is very close to as bus stop.

“The proximity of the roundabout is problematic because pedestrians feel a sese of security in relation to the traffic. “