Meeting set to be held to make Daventry road safer

Ashby Road.
Ashby Road.

Provisional plans have been drawn up for a meeting to discuss safety concerns on Ashby Road in Daventry.

The news emerged after a letter was sent to Daventry Town Council by a parent governor at Falconer’s Hill Infant School.

The letter was discussed at a meeting of the town council on Monday last week and it was revealed that plans are afoot to try to make the road safer.

A meeting is set to be held which will involve Northamptonshire Police, Daventry district and town councils as well as the Highways Agency. Representatives from the local schools and councils will also be invited to attend.

The clerk of the town council, Deborah Jewell, said: “We have put in a response to the letter that we will be pushing to be a part of this meeting when it is discussed.”

The original letter from Caroline Awmack stated: “Numerous parents have reported that cars drive too quickly near the school, and often drive over the crossing while people are using it.

“One of our pupils was hit by a car on Ashby Road last year and, although she was fortunate and was not badly hurt, we are trying to do everything we can to reduce the risk of another more serious accident.

“In an ideal world, we would like the zebra crossing to be replaced by a pelican crossing, as this would not only help to keep our pupils and their families safe, but would also allow traffic on Ashby Road to flow more freely, reducing congestion.”

The pupils at Falconer’s Hill Infant School have previously organised a petition to try to have a pelican crossing installed on the road.

Northamptonshire Coun­ty Council’s Highways department has said it is in discussions with developers in a bid to gain funding for improvements to the road.