Town sports pavilion gets demolition date

A sports pavilion on a Daventry park which has become a focus for vandalism and anti-social behaviour will be gone by April.

The pavilion at the Spider Park on the town’s Headlands estate has become a focus for anti-social behaviour in recent years.

It was earmarked for demolition but has now been given a date for when the bulldozers will get to work and the ground will be returned to grass.

Daventry District Council, which owns the structure, said it would be demolished by April, with the ground levelled and seeded ready for the summer growing season.

DDC councillor Chris Long said: “After years of campaigning, ably supported by the Daventry Express, we now have a date by which the sports pavilion will at long last be demolished.

“It is to be hoped that the anti-social behavioural problems associated with the structure will soon be an issue of the past.”

The Spider Park building is just one of several under-used sports pavilions across Daventry that DDC said it wanted to sell off or demolish in the near future.