Town’s regeneration will see old school go

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Former students and a 
teacher have gone back to the town’s former grammar school for a last look around before it gets demolished.

The group of ex-pupils joined former teacher Christine Herrington to have a look around the building on Wednesday last week.

The building currently used by Daventry Library served as part of the grammar school, along with buildings opposite its entrance.

Mrs Herrington joined Daventry Grammar School in the mid-1950s and became form teacher for 3Bin 1957.

One of the former students, Geoff Kenning, said: “The district council has been very good. They lent us the keys so we could have a look around the parts of the building that are no longer in use.”

Roger Beckett added: “It’s going to be sad when they start to demolish this building. A lot of people went here as children when it was a school.”

Mrs Herrington said: “It’s been really nice to come back and have a look around one last time. But there’s still Bishop Crewe’s House, which was part of the school, and the warden’s lodge.”

Mr Kenning said: “What would really be good is if the developers or council could put up some sort of plaque on whatever building stands here in future just to mark the site of the old school.”