Town council picks apart £50m plans

Daventry Town Council has decided not to give its backing to £50m plans to expand the number of shops and build a new cinema and library.

The planning applications for Mulberry Place (new shops, a cinema and library to the north of High Street) and the proposed supermarket and petrol station on the old outdoor pool site were discussed at a meeting last Thursday.

The town councillors 
decided not to explicitly support any of the plans.

Cllr Maureen Luke said: “With Mulberry Place, we have a town design statement, but it doesn’t seem to have been taken seriously at all.”

A major sticking point was the skyline, and particular the lost of the High Street roof line.

Cllr Lynne Taylor said: “We welcome the development, but as it stands now I can’t support it. It doesn’t coalesce with the rest of the town.”

Cllr Steve Tubb said: “Where are people going to park while all this is going on? We don’t want to chase shoppers away.”

For Mulberry Place they voted to forward their comments. They also voted to object to the demolition of the current library to make way for the new shops, and they opposed the plans for the supermarket stating the planned road changes would create gridlock and residents of Chaucer Way would be left looking out at the back of a retail shed.

DDC’s planning committee will make a decision on the plans in the coming months.