‘Time is right for action’ over flooding in village

Tim Wilson surveying the waters in Welton
Tim Wilson surveying the waters in Welton

A prospective councillor is calling for the county council to work with developers to 
try to solve the problems of flooding in a village.

Daventry Road/Welton Lane on the edge of the village frequently floods, or gets large puddles on it, whenever there is heavy rain.

The water gathers in a particularly dangerous point – one of the bends at the entrance to the village coming from Daventry.

During the heavy rain in March, the entire width of the road was covered by deep water. Now, as work has been announced to improve the footpath, a prospective councillor has called for action to be taken.

Tim Wilson is the prospective Conservative candidate for the Braunston and Welton ward in the upcoming elections for Daventry District Council.

Mr Wilson said: “It is very satisfying to learn that Northamptonshire Highways intend to upgrade the existing footpath that runs from Welton to the canal. The plan will also provide a tactile paved crossing point as well as cycle access, in every way a plus for local residents and work should begin within the month. This then is an excellent opportunity, therefore, for the Monksmoor developers to work together with the county council, and to show their civic spirit by setting aside funds to address and solve the problem of drainage along the route.

“It is a win-win scenario in every way but it needs immediate and positive action.

“Every time there is serious rain in the ward, there is flooding and this has been going on, unaddressed for at least the past 20 years – so it is no longer about the colour of our politics, but about getting things done, and it is time that the floods in Welton were stopped.”

The flooding problem dates back years in this area. The road at that point passes over a ditch/small stream which carries water out of the village and nearby fields. The stream then flows through fields and joins a watercourse which serves as the overflow from Lang Farm and Daventry Country Park reservoir.

Parish councillors have said they believe water is backing up the Welton stream and flooding the road when there is too much water coming from Daventry. As Monksmoor was being planned, they voiced fears it could cause even more water to end up in the overflow streams.