Threats lead to fine for man

A MAN who told a housing officer he would “smash their head in” after being told he couldn’t stay in his sister’s house has been fined and told to pay compensation.

Richard Seagrott, aged 31, of St James Street, Daventry admitted a charge of using threatening words or behaviour. The court heard he has a “number” of previous convictions, including for drug offences.

Caroline Emmett, prosecuting, said: “A housing officer from ASRA was visiting one of the tenants because there was an unauthorised person at one of the properties. It was this defendant. It was explained to her that an injunction was being sought to stop him staying at that address.”

The court heard Seagrott threatened the housing officer, saying “I’m going to smash your ****ing head in,” at which point she ran off, and slammed the door behind her.

Miss Emmett said: “She believes if she had not slammed the door behind her, he could have caught up with her. She had genuine fear that he was going to harm her.”

The court was told Seagrott “bitterly regrets” shouting personal abuse. He was fined £35, ordered to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge, and ordered to pay £50 compensation.