Thimble collection helps crown competition winner

Barbara Scott
Barbara Scott

A WEEDON woman has been selected from hundreds across the UK to share her taste with the nation.

Barbara Scott, who lives in New Street in the village, has become a ‘taste-setter’ for Kenco Millicano.

She won the place by writing about her collection of 350 thimbles.

She said: “I initially inherited the collection from my aunt 30 years ago.

“Since then I’ve added to it, and all my friends and family know about it, so they also buy them for me as well. I think they all see it as a little bit different – something a little bit unusal.

“Each thimble I collect comes from somewhere I, or one of my family or friends has visited.

“Each one is clearly linked to where it came from, so it’s a way of remembering all those trips. Most of them are nothing special, but I guess it’s like a form of memory bank of where we’ve been, both in the UK and abroad.

“Most of them are ceramic, with a few metal ones. My favourite is one that was brought back from China for me, which comes in it’s own little casket.

“I’ve got them all on display in my lounge in display domes, each of which holds up to 50.

“But, I’m going to have to get another dome soon because I’m running out of space.”

As a Kenco taste-setter, Mrs Scott will appear in Good Housekeeping, Best and Prima to tell the nation about her unique trends.

Her stories will be part of the Kenco Trend Report which looks at current styles and hobbies interesting women.

Mrs Scott said: “I saw an advert for it online so thought I’d enter and I wrote about my thimbles.

“Now I can’t wait for other people to read about the collection too.”