Theft of chickens is a ‘callous act’

ONE chicken is believed to have died and five others are missing after a hen house was stolen.

The ‘Omlet’ hen house (similar to that pictured), which is worth approximately £1,000, was stolen from a small holding in Whilton Locks on Friday night.

The hens’ owner Barry Lewis told the Daventry Express: “They all had names and were like family pets really.

“We went up there at 7am the next morning and the hen house was gone. We found feathers from one of the hens who was a different colour, so we think she may have escaped and have been caught by a fox.

“We don’t know what happened to the others – we assume they were taken.

“It’s a callous thing for them to have done and obviously very sad.

“We’re prepared to offer a reward for information leading to the thieves’ conviction.”

Pc Gareth Court said: “We believe more than one person could have been involved in stealing the hen house as it’s an extremely heavy item.

“There is also a strong possibility the offenders would have used a vehicle such as a low loader or van.”

Witnesses or anyone with information, should call police on 101.