The appliance of science at Daventry school

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Engineering was the theme at the Abbey School in Daventry when Cummins laid on a series of activities.

The engineering firm visited the school on Tuesday and Wednesday to challenge the children to build bridges, design better paper aeroplanes, and fire off balloon rockets.

Katy Rogers, STEM ambassador for Cummins, said: “It is introducing the children to technology and engineering, and letting them see anyone can be an engineer and that engineering requires all sorts of different roles.”

Year 4 and 5 teacher Tricia Robertson said: “These activities and the skills the children learn will benefit them in a whole range of areas.

“Things like learning about lift with the paper aeroplanes fits directly into science, but there are a range of other thing they’ll be learning too. From seeing that redesigning and testing is important, to thinking about the language they use to describe things, it benefits them in many different areas.